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About Ablaze Glass Works

Ablaze History

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Ablaze Glass Works was incorporated in 1985 with an aim to provide superior quality scientific glass equipments to customers. With over 30 years of experience working with customers across the world, we are now a leading manufacturer and supplier of reactors and accessories made of borosilicate glass right from R&D scale to pilot plant, and finally production scale. Over 30 years, Ablaze has captured global market share with presence in countries such as USA, UK, Russia, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Turkey, etc.

Corporate Mission

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To cater to engineering needs of our clients in chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries. To provide customized solutions to the ever changing dynamic process industry. To continually introduce innovative products to address the needs of customers more effectively. To continually offer exceptional after sales support to our clients, along with superior quality product.


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At Ablaze, we believe in continuous improvisation with an aim to provide the best product and services to our customers. With the introduction of complementary products such as PTFE-lined items, Glass lined reactors and vessels, heating circulators and automated process units, we aim to be a one stop solution and provide a complete and comprehensive system to our customers along with exceptional after-sales service.

Field of Activities

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We provide complete corrosion resistance solution to the engineering needs of our clients in chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and allied industries. Our products also find use in laboratories and academic institutions as well as for R&D purpose. We have expertise is designing, fabrication, engineering, installation and commissioning of equipment and plants made of 3.3 borosilicate glass. Our units can be supplied with the most advance real time automation system like SCADA.

Corporate Vision

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We aim to develop long-term satisfied customers and be the preferred solution provider for all engineering needs of global chemical industry.

Customer Focus

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Our focus on customer’s requirement and satisfaction are the key to our success. Right from the inception of the project our team ensures that the customer’s detailed process requirements are understood and the designing and manufacturing takes place accordingly. Our service team is very prompt in responding to customer’s queries during as well as after sales.

Corporate Values

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Ablaze is a customer centric organization. All are activities are driven by a desire to serve our customers better. We do not aim to be just a supplier but a reliable partner in your organization’s growth. The values which drive us are adaptability, customer focus, innovation and Excellence.


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The desire to excel in our industry globally drives us to continuously improvise on our existing products and provide a comprehensive range of products for the customer to choose from. Our team of engineers is always working to make the process design simpler and efficient and provide products and systems which are technologically excellent.


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The requirements of the industries we cater to are very dynamic. One size fits all methodology cannot be applied to chemical process requirements of clients where the efficiency of the process is very critical and multiple parameters are involved. Our team is very adaptive to customer’s requirements and we ensure that the most optimal and cost-effective solutions are suggested to the customers.

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