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Jacketed Glass Reactors Manufacturer | Ablaze glass works, India

in this article we are going to know about scientific glass equipment which is known as jacketed glass reactor

scientific glass equipment widely used in laboratories and industrial research labs, chemical lab and process plants where pilot plants used for forecasting process data and potential requirements and output from chemical process

reactor made by glass, we all very well know that a glass is a transparent material, it is a main property that it is widely accepted in many process industries

glass vessels also have non sticky surface that helps in fully purity of materials, and boroscilicate glass can withstand with all corrosive resistance and visibility properties.

What is a Jacketed glass reactor

The jacketed glass reactor vessel is used for controlling temperature of its contents, with help of additional glass jacket which is wrapped around the chemical contained glass vessels

Jacketed glass reactors
Jacketed Glass Reactor

cooling or heating medium is circulated in jacket that transfer heat to inner chemical through boroscilicate glass material which have the best heat transfer properties

mostly agitation which is a process of improving the homogeneity of fluid properties (such as temperature or concentration of chemical).

There are different capacity of jacketed glass reactors are used for different requirement of chemical processes and amount of fluid needs to contain during one batch of process.

Vacuum Jacket Eliminates heat losses to the atmosphere and allows the process to be monitored with no frost formation on the jacket for operations below freezing point.

Reaction systems are developed to fulfill the actual needs of the chemical and pharma industry.

 ablaze glass reactors are built for batch and semi-batch operation mode, with perfectly matched components and quality materials. Conforming to GMP / FDA Guidelines and Explosion-proof installations.

We are a global Scientific glassware equipment manufacturer, Ablaze glass works pvt ltd located at Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Reactors are widely used in various industries like chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural, etc 

Maybe you have known that a glass reactor is a type of chemical reactor to realize the process of industrial equipment. 

The reactor is a very important part of the processing system also called the heart of the chemical system for make process done in reactors

Reaction visibility is the main reason for choosing borosilicate glass material, which is also widely used because of its chemical withstand resistance properties.

Features and usage

Well, did you know what is jacketed glass reactor and its features and usages 

Jacketed glass reactor

A Jacketed reactor, also known as a glass-lined reactor that is designed for controlling the temperature of contents with a cooling or heating jacket around the reactor? 

By Design Glass Jacketed reactor inner vessel which is covered by another glass vessel which is called Jacket reactor by construction it gives airtight space 

The jacket also comes with inlet and outlet fluid valves where other fluid medium flow ant transfer heat between both materials

Borosilicate glass materials allow transferring heat from one material to another by its properties 

 Depending on jacket all passage allowed inlet and outlet and nozzle valve for circulation universal M16/M30 connections and flow control of colling media so that the reactor can be connected to any International reputed Temperature Control Unit (TCU).

There are two types of Jacket Single and double type of jacketed reactor 

Single and dual jacketed reactors are provided for specialized reaction functions. In ordinary jacketed reactors, the coat area can be used for the circulation of fluid to control the reaction temperature within the vessel.

At times, another jacket is required for insulation purposes. The double jacketed reactors are employed in these cases.

The jacket has the ability to permits the uniform exchange of heat between the fluid circulating in it and the walls of the vessel.

Jacketed fluid used to control flow and temperature for maintaining the required temperature for the desired system procedure and desired final outcome.

 As a type of chemical reactor jacketed one always is used to remove the elevated heat of reaction, or to reduce the viscosity of high viscous fluids.

 Particularly, cooling jackets have a very important role. 

The chemical reaction releases heat and this energy cause the temperature of the material in the vessel to rise; 

because of this, the conversion of feed to product proceeds faster resulting in the release of even more heat.

 A cooling jacket has the ability to stop the upward spiral of hotter temperatures increasing the rate of reaction that produces even more heat; and cooling liquids flow through the jacket resulting in collecting heat energy from the outer surface of the reactor.

At the same time, agitation in glass reactors also proved to be very important that has the ability to improve the homogeneity of the fluid properties like concentration and temperature; and agitation refers to put into motion by shaking or stirring, often to achieve mixing.

Salient Features:

  • Complete visibility of reaction
  • Minimized heat loss to atmosphere
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Reduced frost formation in cryogenic reactions
  • Higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Compact construction

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Jacketed Glass Reactors, Heart of Chemical Process System

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